Attorneys Serving Clients in Columbia, MD

Regardless of whether you need professional legal counsel for a matter relating to business, your estate, or a dispute at school or work, you need to know that your attorney can pursue your interests all the way to litigation, should that become necessary. With nearly three decades of practicing law in the state of Maryland, attorney James Strouse of Strouse Legal Services has the knowledge and litigation experience to offer you solid, thorough representation in every situation.

Experienced Litigation, Dedication to the Clients

As a barred attorney practicing in both Maryland and the District of Columbia, James Strouse has developed a reputation as a formidable litigator in the Baltimore-area and D.C. courtrooms. His legal team prides itself on service to the clients and responsiveness to their needs. Attorney Strouse offers a variety of services to our clients. Many of our clients require representation for legal matters such as business negotiations, estate planning, or document drafting. Others find themselves already embroiled in a legal battle when they contact our office. Whether or not you’re in an adversarial situation, when you retain our services, we will be attentive and accessible.

Legal Services We Offer

Veteran attorney James Strouse offers his clients diligent legal representation in several areas of the law:

  • Education Law – When informal meetings with teachers and school administrators aren’t sufficient, you may need to take legal action. We represent students in cases arising from bullying, unfair treatment, and conflicts arising from special needs. We also represent educators against misconduct allegations, in labor disputes, and in disciplinary hearings.
  • Employment Law – If you’re being treated unfairly in the workplace or you’ve been wrongfully terminated, we can help. James Strouse represents employees in labor disputes and with other issues arising in the workplace.
  • Small Business Law – Attorney Strouse can help your small business with contracts, business formation, employee labor disputes, and negotiations.
  • Estates, Wills, and Trusts – Our law firm can help give you peace of mind by assisting you in developing a full estate plan that covers you, your family, and your business in all contingencies, including death and mental or physical incapacity.

Baltimore-Washington Area Lawyer for Your Legal Needs

No client wants to end up in a courtroom. In many cases, litigation is avoidable. But when all other efforts at a resolution have failed, it’s important to know that the attorney in your corner has years of experience to draw from on your behalf. Maryland-D.C. attorney James Strouse has a proven record both inside and outside of court. He has a well-established reputation as an aggressive, professional litigator. Contact our Columbia, MD office to schedule an initial consultation.

Employment Law

You work too many hours each day to spend any of that time suffering discrimination, retaliation or other wrongful actions. We help employees understand and protect their rights, and we can help you with your employment law concerns today.

Wills, Trusts, and Estates

You want to make sure your estate is set up correctly or it might be rejected by the courts. We can help you come up with a plan that honors your wishes and protects your beneficiaries. We also provide estate administration services.

Education Law

As a former professor, Attorney James Strouse has a deep understanding of the laws that exist to protect students, parents and educators. We will aggressively pursue your interests in Education Law - negotiations and litigation.

Small Business Law

Starting a small business is no easy task, but you do not have to do it on your own. From business formation to contract development and business litigation, we help Maryland small businesses with all their concerns.