Education Lawyer in Columbia, MD

In the state of Maryland, we trust the teachers and educators in private and public schools with the well being of our children, but what happens when our educational institutions fail to live up that sacred duty? In some instances, you can resolve your concerns by requesting a meeting with a teacher or principle, but when that fails, you may need to obtain the legal services of a Baltimore-area education lawyer to pursue your claim. And if you’re an educator who’s been accused of improper or unfair behavior, you may also require legal representation.

Protecting the Rights of Students in Maryland Schools

A school is supposed to ensure the comfort and safety of its students so that they can achieve a sound education. Education attorneys protect students by putting a stop to many kinds of barriers to safety:

  • Student bullying
  • Teacher harassment
  • Improper discipline (suspension, expulsion, et cetera)
  • Abuse of children with special needs
  • Failure to provide accommodations for special-needs students
  • Harassment of members of special classes
  • All other legal matters pertaining to education and educational facilities
  • Teacher and Administrator Lawyer

Claims against teachers and school administrators are rampant in the state of Maryland. If you’ve been accused of incompetence, negligence, or a criminal violation, you must take the matter seriously. Even an allegation alone can end your career if it’s not handled properly. We work to protect educators from spurious claims. We provide services related to representation in the following areas:

  • Tenure disputes
  • Internal disciplinary hearings
  • Work suspensions
  • Matters pertaining to abuse of students in your charge
  • Civil suits stemming from special education issues

Education Lawyer in Baltimore, MD

Whether you’re the parent of a student seeking resolution or damages from a private or public institution, or you’re an educator seeking protection from an unfair allegation, discipline, or termination, we’re here to help. Maryland education law attorney James Strouse of Strouse Legal Services has almost three decades of experience and he’s here to work on your behalf. Contact him today.

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