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When you take a job, you understand that your position comes with certain responsibilities, but you must know that you also have rights as an employee. It is reasonable for you to have the expectation that you will be treated fairly and equitably by your boss and the employees around you. If you’re not experiencing respect towards your rights in the workplace, you may need legal help from an experienced Maryland labor attorney.

Legal Matters in the Workplace

Most workplace issues don’t require the services of an attorney. The idea of showing up to your job with a lawyer may give you pause. That’s why it’s essential that you choose an attorney who has the experience, acumen, and tact to handle your particular situation appropriately. With nearly three decades of legal experience, labor attorney James Strouse is a skilled negotiator who realizes the importance of maintaining solid employer-employee relationships.

Among the types of case that he handles are the following:

  • Wage and hour disputes
  • Wrongful termination or suspension
  • Discrimination based on race, sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, or identity
  • Retaliation against whistleblowers
  • Unpaid compensation, commission, or benefits
  • FMLA disputes

Oftentimes when it comes to labor disputes, both the employee and the employer would prefer to negotiate a resolution out of court. Attorney Strouse understands this and will attempt to reach a negotiated settlement whenever possible. When a negotiated settlement isn’t possible, however, James Strouse can use his reputation in the Maryland courtrooms as a tough, aggressive litigator to fight for you.

Labor Law Attorney Serving Baltimore-Area Clients

Working a fulltime job is enough of a commitment without the distraction of unfair treatment or disputes with management. If you have a issue with your employer that remains unresolved, Strouse Legal Services can help. With almost three decades of practicing law in the Baltimore-D.C. area, attorney James Strouse has earned a reputation for standing up for workers. Contact our Columbia, MD office to schedule a consultation.

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