Estate Planning Attorney in Columbia, MD

While estate planning in Maryland does involve drafting a will, it goes far beyond that. Proper estate planning ensures that your wishes are honored in the event of any number of contingencies, including mental or physical incapacity, or even death. It also seeks to minimize tax impacts on your wealth. At Strouse Legal Services, our team will examine your overall financial picture to develop a comprehensive plan for any of life’s unexpected events.

Estate Plans and Trusts for Maryland Residents

A last will and testament instructs an administrator of your choice on how to handle your estate after you’re gone. But what happens if you become incapacitated? Your will may only be executed upon your death. Here are some of the legal and financial instruments that a Maryland estate planning lawyer can use to make sure that you’re covered under all circumstances:

  • Wills – All estate plans should have a will with a named executor. This is the final set of instructions to be carried out after your death.
  • Trusts – These are key in asset preservation. By establishing trusts, you can avoid estate taxes and ensure that the assets that you leave behind are only spent for specific reasons (i.e. education, healthcare, housing, et cetera).
  • Powers of Attorney – This tool transfers decision-making authority to another person in the case of certain events. For instance, a power of attorney can cover financial or medical decisions in the event of incapacity.
  • Living Wills – This directs another person to make medical decisions with regard to continuing healthcare, should you be placed on life support.
  • Guardianships – These are used to determine who will care for children or disabled family members in your custody if you pass unexpectedly.

Estate, Trust and Probate Litigation

We represent executors, fiduciaries, and other interested parties in disputes over wills and trusts. If you’re an administrator who’s been accused of malfeasance or you believe that an estate executor or trust fiduciary has not lived up to their legal responsibilities, you will need an estate planning litigation lawyer.

Estate Planning and Probate Attorney of Maryland

With proper estate planning, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your family and loved ones won’t have to make difficult decisions or face a financial crisis in the event of an emergency. With nearly three decades serving Baltimore-area clients, attorney James Strouse knows your concerns and can help you establish a plan for every contingency. Call our office to set up a consultation.

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